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Knomee 2.0 is available on the AppStore


Knomee 2.0 is now available on the AppStore !

As explained in our previous post, this version has a completely new database. The bad news is that you need to reinstall Knomee, the good news is that there are many interesting new features, including "memos", that is the ability to annotate your self-tracking with very short text memos. The re-engineering of the database had become necessary to improve and simplify the app's architecture. For instance, Quests have now more features that will prove very useful if anyone wants to submit a Quest to Knomee public library.

However, the true motivation for this design breakthrough was your request to add annotations. Frankly, this should have been a feature from the very beginning since most academic books about self-tracking report that the ability to add explicit texts to the measures is critical to improve the "ownership". Being able to add your comments about the context for the self-tracking is more that useful : it is mandatory when some exceptional circumstance explain the very specific value (such as being sick and  thus logging fewer steps, being invited for a celebration dinner and logging more food/drink than usual, starting a new prescription and seeing that it makes a difference on your heart rate, etc.)

To create a memo, you simply clock on the calendar button (top of main screen) and you get a new UI that may be used either to change the current time or to add a memo. Memos appear in the measure list (when you ask for a list of all measures in the ChartView screen) but they are also represented directly on the ChartView, as show in the first illustration. Each memo is represented by a small diamond, with a line that displays the text of the memo on the time horizon. This makes remembering the context of a specific measure very simple.

Quests have now an optional "owner" (represented with an email) and a "pitch" : a 2 sentence summary of the purpose and benefits of the quest. The Quest Library has also been improved, but this is only the beginning. Our goal is to make the Quest Library fully open, with its GitHub site, so that anyone can add to the library.  We strongly encourage you to browse through the quest library (see illustration below) and to submit your best quests so that they may be shared with others.

The engine for data analysis through Machine Learning, called EMLA, has also been improved. A few month ago we presented a research paper that explains our 2018 quest to improve the robustness and usability of our EMLA algorithm. Knomee 2.0 benefits from these scientific improvements through better prediction capabilities.  Last, many of the data vizualization UI (user interfaces) have been improved in Knomee 2.0. There is still a long journey to make Knomee as simple to use as it is effective.

When you de-install Knomee 1.9, you will loose your data, but you will keep you quest on your iCloud (assuming that you have activated this option). Therefore, when you install Knomee 2.0, an alert will tell you that your Knomee account has been found and that your previous quests may be re-installed.

If your really want to get your data, you should export it to yourself via email before de-installing Knomee 1.9 and that you can import it back with Knomee 2.0. Don't hesitate to contact "knomyself@gmail.com" if you need assistance.