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Manage your blood oxygen level and other HealthKit features


A new release (2.09) is now available on the AppStore. The most interesting new feature is the access to you blood oxygen level as an imported tracker. If you are the happy owner of a Apple Watch serie 6, you will benefit from automatic tracking on Knomee.

Knomee uses a complex HealthKit query to return the sliding average over a 24 hours period. Some of our users have found that the instantaneous measure was too variable to be significant. The blood oxygen quest shown on the previous illustration helps you see if your sleep patterns, your activity level or your asthma medication have an impact on your O2 level (for most of us, they do). You can design your own quests to handle O2 level as a goal (if you have a respiratory condition), to simply monitor your O2 level (it is a good indicator of many ailments) or to see if your O2 level is a driver to something else (like how well you feel). As always, because Knomee lets you build your own quests, the possibilities are endless.

This new release fixes minor bugs and is now fully compatible with iOS14. It also makes using HealthKit more explicit and easier. The Knomee team here acknowledges the help from Apple AppStore support who helped us craft new message and improve our user guide.

HealthKit integration is a key feature for Knomee, under the designation of imported trackers. Imported trackers are trackers where you have nothing the do, the values are imported from HealthKit, on your phone. You can import your sleep hours, your number of steps, your heart rate, your blood O2 level, etc. Some of these values require a connected device, like an Apple Watch, or a connected scale like Withing for your weight.
The new in-App user guide has now a section about HealthKit. To help users learn about imported trackers, we have added an HealthKit Demo quest in the library. If you have not seen the power of automated tracking in action, give it a try. The following illustration is a screenshot of the quest library, which you find (in the menu tab) when you select a quest from the home page.


Our next release (2.10) will be focused on simplification. If you have stopped using Knomee because it was too complex, or if you are still struggling with the user interface, drop us a note at

Our current focus is on intermittent fasting. There are many great apps, such as fastic, to help you commit to your own intermittent fasting practice. On the other hand, it may not be easy to see if your efforts have an impact on your goal (such as maintaining your target weight) or to see if some other practises such as drinking water regularly would help. This is exactly what Knomee does well. This last illustration shows a "fasting" quest as defined on Knomee, which is a perfect companion to your favorite fasting app.


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Knomee 2.08 : Create you own tracking app !

Last month we released Knomee 2.07 to clean up some regression bugs that had occurred do to the upgrade to iOS11. Sorry about that, it took too much time to capture the difficulties that some of our users were experiencing.

This week we are releasing Knomee 2.08 on the AppStore, which makes it easier to create your own quests, with your own trackers. We have improved the usability - for instance, more explicit naming - and removed small bugs that were irritants - for instance, it took a screen change to reflect the name change that you might do when editing.

Knomee is all about designing "your own self tracking app".

Although Knomee comes preloaded with 3 quests to help you learn about self-tracking, it becomes a great app only when you design your own quests, that is when you track exactly what matters to you.

Knomee allows you to create quests with all kind of trackers:

  • time, number measurements
  • quantified data from your Apple watch or your iPhone through HealthKit
  • labels, i.e. qualitative tracking, which is very useful for mood, psychological self-evaluation, etc.
  • Events (yes/no tracking) which helps to monitor habits

Our commitment is to make designing your own quests as easy as possible. Please tell us whatever remains in your way towards a smooth experience.

Knomee offers a delayed gratification experience.

Self-tracking is a hugely powerful tool, but you need to accumulate some data before it shows 🙂

Our users have found great value with the insights generated by Knomee, but few go through the routine of collecting enough data.

Knomee is rather unique in the world of tracking app because of the emphasis on "quests" - We believe that self-tracking only matters if your are asking yourself questions. The quest is what represent your question, with the following form:

"could I change/improve something (a behavior that you can track)" ?

"if I act on (1 to 3) levers, which are other practices or behaviors, that you want to track"

The first tracker is the target, the others are the factor. The question that you are asking yourself is : Do the factors influence my target ? And most of the time, the answer is negative, because we human suffer from many cognitive biases.

For instance, one of our team member used to think that coffee was not good for him and the cause of many symptoms. It turns out that tiredness was the root cause, and that drinking coffee was a poor attempt of a solution, not the cause of the other related symptoms.

Knomee is not your average mood or activity tracking app, it is much more sophisticated.

Alas, sophistication brings complexity, complexity brings longer learning curves and friction in the user experience. This is why we rely on you, our early user community, to hep us simplify this mobile application until it becomes self-evident.



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Happy 2020 from Knomee!

A new year is here ... this is the perfect time to track your behavior to live a better life 🙂

Knomee 2.07 has just been released on the App Store ... fixing a nasty regression about editing new quests. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Creating and editing new quests is a key feature of Knomee. Knomee has been designed so that you may self-track exactly what you want, what matters to you.

The begining of a new year is usually when we make some resolutions to adopt a new healthy behavior or to drop a few bad habits.  Usually those resolutions don't last ...

We encourage you to leverage self-tracking to discover that these resolutions can last !

Best wishes for this new year from the Knomee team 🙂