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Creating Custom Research Papers

Custom research papers are a special type of writing which aims to provide practical information with a light touch and customized strategy. They plan to inform, educate and inspire. That is why they’re a fantastic source of inspiration, particularly for young professionals who’d love to add to the improvement of their field and advance themselves

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Essay Writer – Selecting an Essay Writer

Many pupils are captured by surprise if they receive an assignment requiring them to seek the services of a expert essay author. The tips for hiring an essay writer are fairly similar, however there are a few differences too. Each of these steps will help pupils have the best level of success.

The first step would be to see what

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Choosing the Finest Research Paper Writing Service

So as to have the ability to help your company succeed, it’s essential to be able to get the very best research paper writing service which you can afford. This is essential to have the ability to prevent wasting your money and time on a service that’s not dependable. Deciding on a good service which can satisfy your needs will help you get the results

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Research Papers: How to Write Them

Despite the worldwide economic turmoil, there is great news for those who are still involved in research papers and discovering that the prevalence of the topic continues to increase. The authors of the papers have the opportunity to improve their research abilities, their knowledge of their field, and also the capacity to convey their findings to

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Essay Service – How to Choose 1

Utilizing an essay support is an outstanding way to make sure that you compose a truly exceptional essay. There are many essay support choices available that it’s easy to find one that works well for you and your requirements.

To ensure that you receive the ideal essay service, you want to comprehend what exactly you want out of your own essay.

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Essay Writing Service

There are lots of benefits of choosing a professional essay writing service. You can expect the quality of the work and you’re able to get your essay published. Below are some reasons why you ought to think about employing an article writing service.

To begin with, a expert service can help you write your composition in a manner

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Essay Help – How to Get Help Writing Your Essay

If you will need to get your essay written for college, you may have some very good ideas on which you’d like to write about. However, it’s almost always a good idea to find some sort of essay assistance to find the most out of your composing skills.

If you are having difficulty coming up with your subject and also you will need

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Knomee 2.08 : Create you own tracking app !

Last month we released Knomee 2.07 to clean up some regression bugs that had occurred do to the upgrade to iOS11. Sorry about that, it took too much time to capture the difficulties that some of our users were experiencing.

This week we are releasing Knomee 2.08 on the AppStore, which makes it easier to create your own quests, with your own trackers. We have improved the usability - for instance, more explicit naming - and removed small bugs that were irritants - for instance, it took a screen change to reflect the name change that you might do when editing.

Knomee is all about designing "your own self tracking app".

Although Knomee comes preloaded with 3 quests to help you learn about self-tracking, it becomes a great app only when you design your own quests, that is when you track exactly what matters to you.

Knomee allows you to create quests with all kind of trackers:

  • time, number measurements
  • quantified data from your Apple watch or your iPhone through HealthKit
  • labels, i.e. qualitative tracking, which is very useful for mood, psychological self-evaluation, etc.
  • Events (yes/no tracking) which helps to monitor habits

Our commitment is to make designing your own quests as easy as possible. Please tell us whatever remains in your way towards a smooth experience.

Knomee offers a delayed gratification experience.

Self-tracking is a hugely powerful tool, but you need to accumulate some data before it shows 🙂

Our users have found great value with the insights generated by Knomee, but few go through the routine of collecting enough data.

Knomee is rather unique in the world of tracking app because of the emphasis on "quests" - We believe that self-tracking only matters if your are asking yourself questions. The quest is what represent your question, with the following form:

"could I change/improve something (a behavior that you can track)" ?

"if I act on (1 to 3) levers, which are other practices or behaviors, that you want to track"

The first tracker is the target, the others are the factor. The question that you are asking yourself is : Do the factors influence my target ? And most of the time, the answer is negative, because we human suffer from many cognitive biases.

For instance, one of our team member used to think that coffee was not good for him and the cause of many symptoms. It turns out that tiredness was the root cause, and that drinking coffee was a poor attempt of a solution, not the cause of the other related symptoms.

Knomee is not your average mood or activity tracking app, it is much more sophisticated.

Alas, sophistication brings complexity, complexity brings longer learning curves and friction in the user experience. This is why we rely on you, our early user community, to hep us simplify this mobile application until it becomes self-evident.