Design your own self-tracker for 2019 !


Happy new year from the Knomee application team !

January first is traditionally the time for "New Year resolutions" ... that do not survive a few weeks most of the time. Self-tracking can help : science has shown repeatedly that tracking your goals and your habits develop both self-awareness and motivation.

Knomee is not just a tracking app, it is a generator for customised tracker. Using Knomee you can create in less than 10 minutes your very own tracker.

The picture above illustrates how you can use Knomee to track virtually everything. Four examples are shown:

  • The first one is a "business life / performance" case where you want to see how to improve the engagement in your meetings. You assess the performance (i.e. engagement here) of each meeting that you attend, and you also track three factors : the number of attendees, the duration of the meeting and the presence of a meeting agenda.
  • The second example is self-tracking applied to improving your family chocolate cake recipe. You track how good your cake tested based on which kind of chocolate you used, how much sugar you used and how long the cake stayed in the oven. Obviously, as soon as you have found the best parameters with those three factors, you will move to other such as the amount of butter or the oven temperature.
  • You can use Knomee to monitor your performance with any kind of activity, since you are free to use your own scales with your own words (labels). Here we show a "Ultimate game tracker" where you also track your heart rate and weather factors such as wind and visibility.
  • The last example shows how personal self-tracking can be. Here the Knomee user is suffering from bladder discomfort when urinating, and trying to see if the number of drinks (especially coffees) and the current stress level have an impact and could be used to reduce the discomfort.

These four examples have nothing to do with New Year resolutions ... because each of these resolution (quit smoking, loose weight, play more with your kids, read a book each month, ...) is personal and we thought that showing you examples of resolutions might downplay your motivation.

It is time to act, and it is your job : define your new lifestyle tracker and use Knomee to get some insights about yourself.

When you start Knomee, it comes with three pre-defined quests, to help you get familiar with the app (mood, energy and sleep). Most often, we hear as first feedback : "Knomee is not for me, I do not care about these things. I don't want to track my mood and my sleep/energy patterns are fine". This is not what Knomee is about ! Knomee is about tracking what matters to you. Thus you should quickly forget about the pre-defined quests and build your own.

If you should remember one thing :

Knomee is not a self-tracking app,
it is a tool to help you define your personalised tracker.