Knomee 2.06 is avaible on the App Store


Knomee has been evolving every month since the launch of Knomee 2.0 a few months ago.

The last update (version 2.06) introduced two new features:

  • The "dataviz" interface that you get when you click on the calendar on the chart view now displays a calendar with the four previous weeks. Each day is assigned an average performance, with a corresponding colour that tells you if you are meeting your target goals for you quest, or far from them. You may have noticed that Knomee sends you a coloured feedback (an alert) each time you enter a new measure, this is exactly the same principle / colouring that is used for the calendar.
  • The main design principle of Knomee is to help you enter a new self-tracking measure very fast, using the four vertical sliders, one for each tracker. In 99% of the case, this is both precise and efficient ... but sometimes you may want to record a precise numerical value. If you long-press on the slider, and if the tracker is a numerical tracker, you will get the opportunity to enter the value directly though a numerical keyboard.

Most of the changes are bug fixes that we collect through your usage. During the summer, a new version  of the EMLA (Evolutionary Machine Learning Agents) algorithm was introduce to optimize memory consumption.

Another feature that has received continuous improvement is the notification that you receive to prompt you to make a new measure. You have two options (this is decided in the "option" screen that you may access from the home screen). To activate the reminders (notification) you simply switch "Reminders" on. Then you decide between "time" and "cycle". The time option is very simple : you get a reminder once a day if you have not self-tracked recently. You pick the time with the hourly dial on the right. If you select "cycle", Knomee will compute the proper delay for each quest, which depends on which frequency you asked for during setup. You can edit this frequency at any moment by selecting "edit" on the home screen.

You will notice that we have made the design of sliders more self-evident, and we have also improved the on-boarding screens since we got strong complaints from some users. Don't hesitate to share any feedback if you think that we could make learning how to use Knomee easier.

Using Knomee takes a while to get rewarded, since the app needs enough data to provide feedback (the "sense" in "self-tracking with sense" :). The simplest  and usually most interesting moment is when Knomee start to let you know which factor seem to contribute to your quest. You have probably noticed that Knomee colours the trackers in green (background colour) if the tracker plays a positive role, and red if the tracker plays a negative role. In Knomee 2.06  we make this more evident in two ways:

  • on the chart view (the detail self-tracking charts), we have added smiling and frowning smileys to complement the colouring
  • on the main screen (the one with the sliders), we now put a touch of red/green coloring as the mountains background. Thus you get "at first glance" the positive feedback from Knomee as soon as there is enough data, assuming that some of the trackers are significant