Knomee 2.08 : Create you own tracking app !

Last month we released Knomee 2.07 to clean up some regression bugs that had occurred do to the upgrade to iOS11. Sorry about that, it took too much time to capture the difficulties that some of our users were experiencing.

This week we are releasing Knomee 2.08 on the AppStore, which makes it easier to create your own quests, with your own trackers. We have improved the usability - for instance, more explicit naming - and removed small bugs that were irritants - for instance, it took a screen change to reflect the name change that you might do when editing.

Knomee is all about designing "your own self tracking app".

Although Knomee comes preloaded with 3 quests to help you learn about self-tracking, it becomes a great app only when you design your own quests, that is when you track exactly what matters to you.

Knomee allows you to create quests with all kind of trackers:

  • time, number measurements
  • quantified data from your Apple watch or your iPhone through HealthKit
  • labels, i.e. qualitative tracking, which is very useful for mood, psychological self-evaluation, etc.
  • Events (yes/no tracking) which helps to monitor habits

Our commitment is to make designing your own quests as easy as possible. Please tell us whatever remains in your way towards a smooth experience.

Knomee offers a delayed gratification experience.

Self-tracking is a hugely powerful tool, but you need to accumulate some data before it shows 🙂

Our users have found great value with the insights generated by Knomee, but few go through the routine of collecting enough data.

Knomee is rather unique in the world of tracking app because of the emphasis on "quests" - We believe that self-tracking only matters if your are asking yourself questions. The quest is what represent your question, with the following form:

"could I change/improve something (a behavior that you can track)" ?

"if I act on (1 to 3) levers, which are other practices or behaviors, that you want to track"

The first tracker is the target, the others are the factor. The question that you are asking yourself is : Do the factors influence my target ? And most of the time, the answer is negative, because we human suffer from many cognitive biases.

For instance, one of our team member used to think that coffee was not good for him and the cause of many symptoms. It turns out that tiredness was the root cause, and that drinking coffee was a poor attempt of a solution, not the cause of the other related symptoms.

Knomee is not your average mood or activity tracking app, it is much more sophisticated.

Alas, sophistication brings complexity, complexity brings longer learning curves and friction in the user experience. This is why we rely on you, our early user community, to hep us simplify this mobile application until it becomes self-evident.