Knomee “sense-making” algorithms just improved !

A new version of Knomee, 1.9, has been made available on the Apple AppStore just before Thanksgiving. It has been almost six months since the previous (1.8) release, we took the complete summer to re-calibrate the insights and forecasting algorithms. After a year in existence, we have accumulated enough experience to improve the robustness and the relevance of Knomee algorithms. Insights, scores and data visualization explanation will be more relevant and robust in the future.

We did not only improve “the engine under the hood”, we have also added a number of significant improvements to make it easier to use Knomee:

  • We have added quests categories : sleep, mood, food, health and activity. It makes navigating and selecting new quests easier. You will recognize the quest category with a small icon that is displayed next to the quest name in your quest list or library. Sleep tracking is on the rise since the amount of evidence that sleep is our #1 tool to improve our well being keeps piling up. There are many apps and devices to help you track your sleep (we like AutoSleep) but there is only Knomee to help you understand why you are getting good or bad sleep numbers.
  • The user interface for quest score has been simplified, and we dropped the “ken score” name that was confusing to most of you. The quest score tells you how “interesting” and “robust” your quest is. A score below 50% says that either you do not have enough data, or that your quest is not insightful, that is, the factors that you are tracking do not seem to play a significant quest towards your goal. Remember that Knomee’s number-one value is to help you find out if there is a relationship between differents aspects of your life that you are tracking. Most often, there is none ! We are “fooled by randomness” to quote Nassim Taleb. A low quest score tells you that you may be looking for sense where there is none.
  • Navigation between the different user interfaces leverages iOS transitions better. The user manual with its tip section has been improved, it should be easier to learn about Knomee while using it.
  • The use of coloring for feedback has both been extended (when you enter a new measure) and improved. The first part is that Knomee signals you whenever you enter a new measure whether you are close or far from the target values that you have set. Knomee uses the same color scheme to indicate “good” to “worse” values, and remember that you can change it in the options. If you are new to Knomee, the “blue” color setup is the simplest to use because of its vivid colors : red is bad and green is good. The second part is what make Knomee different from other tracker apps: as soon as you have enough data, Knomee uses red/green colors to tell you which factor “help” or “play against” your target. You get this coloring in the “Chart user interface” (click on the “eye button”) and with the quest score interface.
  • Insight generation has been improved both in wording and relevance. When you have enough data, and if you have enabled notifications, Knomee will send you insights daily in the form of short notification messages. All this information is available at any time in the “chart” user interface.



Knomee uses a family of algorithms for analyzing and forecasting self-tracking time series. Stay posted on our web site since we plan to share more about this in 2019. When you use Knomee most of this is implicit : Forecasting is used to animate the sliders and make your self-tracking more efficient, trend analysis is embedded into the mountain icons (the mountain shape tells you about the distance to the target and the weather tells you about the trend), tracker scores are transformed into colors and insights.

When used right, Knomee has the potential to change your life and help you to improve your health significantly - it has happened to this author. This has nothing to do with the technology that is embedded in the Knomee mobile application but everything to do with the fact that behavior change can indeed improve your health and your wellbeing. One of key challenges that the Knomee team faces is to keep simplifying the Knomee user experience so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a mobile-computer-aided self-tracking. This is why we constantly ask for feedbacks from you, our early-users community.