Privacy Statement

  • Self-tracking is personal - Customized self-tracking is utterly personal.
    Customers may use Knomee for things that are intimately personal such as sexual health age-related incontinence, mental health struggles, etc.. Even if you use Knomee to track your mood or your exercise level, this is your decision and your data.
  • Truly secure and private cloud storage is a very hard problem to solve for a small company. Experience shows that even large companies fail at un-breached privacy for cloud storage. HIPAA compliance is not a guarantee against  security threats. We hear of passwords or billing information being pirated regularly. This is why Knomee took the radical root : everything stays on your phone.
  • Knomee implements privacy by design:
    • Your data is collected and stays on the phone. Period.
    • Knomee uses smart analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms that runs on your phone. Your smartphone is a tremendously powerful computer, no need to move the data.
    • Our team does not know, does not want to know and does not care about what you do with our app. Our mission is not to know you better, it is to empower you to know yourself better
  • Knomee was designed with your absolute privacy in mind. What you store stays on your phone. You are in control, the app will never exchange your data with anything or anyone without your explicit consent:
    • The quest description may be stored on your iCloud. The data stays on the phone but the description (quest name and tracker name) is backed up so that you can retrieve it if you change your phone. This is convenient, but you may disable it if you find that the description of your quest is already too private to be stored on iCloud
    • You may send your data - which belongs to you - to yourself through email. You will see the email and you will push the “send” button. This is your own and unique way to backup. This is not as convenient as cloud storage, but this is the consequence of true privacy by design.
    • Our team gets anonymous "count" events from Knomee mobile analytics, restricted to the numbers of new quests, new views and new measures.