Values + Mission


Knomee is born from the belief that self-awareness is a path towards a better life. We have experienced firsthand the benefits of self-tracking to discover which elements of diet and lifestyle had the biggest impact on our overall well-being.

  • Science tells us that it is possible to improve our life experience through self-discovery and behavioral change
  • Technology can help to make self-tracking  playful and insightful
  • Nobody can make you change but yourself. The best you can expect from tracking devices or artificial intelligence is a journey of self-discovery


Our mission is to empower everyone to gain body intelligence as a tool for well-being.

  • Body intelligence is being aware and knowing how to interpret the signals that you received from your body. Think of it as self-awareness to your physical symptoms. This means knowing how to pay attention to what your body is telling you.
  • Knomee is a tool : to empower means that you discover  your own insights and you are in control of what to do with them.


  • Knomee is for everyone and celebrates diversity of experience. Track whatever you like as there is no wrong or right content.
  • Knomee suggests insights, not advice.
  • Knomee is designed around the utmost respect for your privacy