Why does Knomee show 3 weeks of history on the home page ?

Knomee shows your data history on the home page, using a 21 days (3 weeks) window.

You may have noticed that the home page has three parts:

  • on the right, you see a mountain icon for each tracker that represents the qualitative status of this tracker
  • in the middle, you see the chart of what was tracked during the last three weeks
  • on the left, you have the sliders that you use to add  a new measure (one slider round button for each tracker)

We use a sliding window of three weeks because behavioral science tells us that this is the proper time horizon to see if you are making progress. You may access all of your data in the "chart view", that is, the screen that you get when swiping down (or clicking on the eye button).

Three weeks has shown to be a meaningful time horizon. There is enough data so that you can see the trend, and it is short enough to recollect what happened. Interestingly, 3 weeks is long enough to filter out non-lasting impulse or reactive changes. Something that happens over 21 days seems to be significant.

This does not mean that you will change your behaviour in 21 days ! Science has shown that it takes longer and that 21 days (3 weeks) is too short. However, 21 days is long enough so that what you see is meaningful (either improvement or decline), even if stability has not been reached yet. Using a shorter period of time (one or two weeks) would indeed be too short.
You will also find that when you look at 100 days of data, using the chart view, it is harder to make sense and to remember what happened.